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About Us

Our History

BABCA was founded by Bay Area high basketball coaches in 2021 as part of the "Let Them Play" movement to re-start the playing of basketball in the State of California and the Bay Area in particular.   Over 100 high school coaches came together to actively use all remedies available including a media campaign and legal actions to successfully lead an effort that culminated with a 2021 season being played by the majority of our student athletes.

Our membership included both boys and girls coaches from large schools and small schools, public schools and private schools and urban schools and rural schools.   We have members from the NCS, CCS, SFS, OS and SJS.  We all worked together to serve the common interest of advocating for our student athletes.

In 2023 BABCA was selected by the CIF to sponsor and organize the first NCAA and NFHS sanctioned Scholastic viewing tournament for high Girls in the State of California. The inaugural Girls California Live 2023 tournament was held at the Roebbelen Center in Roseville, California in 2023. This tournament resulted in over 100 girls teams participating and watched by 75 college coaches.

BABCA is a young organization but we have big plans to advocate for our student athletes on issues like "Competitive Equity" and to promote the positive coaching via future education and recognition programs for high school coaches.

Board Members


Randal Bessolo

Founder and President


Chris Lavdiotis

Founder and Secretary


Harold Abend

Boys Cali Live Co Tournament Director Prep Sports Journalist and Advocate


Buck Matthews

Woodside Priory High School


Ben Spencer

Piedmont High School

download (1).jpeg

Adam D'Aquisto



Jason Greenfield



Maya Fok

St. Ignatius High School


Gerry Freitas

Boys Cali Live Co Tournament Director


Tyler Chan

Boys Cali Live Associate Tournament Director

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